A delegation of California lawmakers think Texas is ahead of the curve when it comes to job creation and have organized a “fact-finding” mission to Austin later this week, according to the Austin American-Statesman.

While here in Texas, the group, led by Assemblyman Dan Logue and joined by Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, will meet with Governor Perry and members of the state legislature to get a better understanding of how the Lone Star State has been so successful in luring jobs and businesses away from others.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

“From 2008 to 2010, Texas added more than 165,000 jobs. During that same time period, California lost 1.2 million jobs,” said Logue. “In terms of creating jobs, Texas is clearly doing something right and California is doing something wrong. We are headed there to find out what we can do differently to help create jobs we desperately need in this state.” [emphasis mine]

Though Assemblyman Logue and the rest of the group are sure to learn a lot about the Texas economy in the coming days, it can probably all be boiled down to this: low taxes + predictable regulatory environment + limited government = a superior economy.

-James Quintero