The chorus of governors voicing concern about Medicaid is growing. On July 9 the National Governors Association sent a letter to the President and the Congressional leadership. The letter detailed their concern that Medicaid has been rumored to be one of the programs reduced significantly in the different packages of deficit reduction plans. This letter had one central message:

“We urge you and congressional leaders not to continue to mandate Medicaid program requirements upon states without providing states with the adequate federal funding or federal law flexibility to properly manage this federal-state program.”

Governors from both parties across the country are voicing these concerns as Medicaid costs continue to increase. State budgets across the country are showing that Medicaid is at a tipping point, and the program either needs significantly more money or the states need significantly more freedom. But increasing funding for a broken program is a temporary fix, and when the money runs out Medicaid will still be broken. If more money is not a long term solution then that leaves one option for Medicaid’s future – more freedom for states to take care of their own citizens health care needs.

– Spencer Harris