The New York Post has reported, “… the AMA is worried. Section 1412 of the health law gives consumers a 90 day “grace period” before their subsidized plan is canceled for nonpayment. But insurers only have to keep paying doctors and hospitals for 30 days. The next 60 days of care are on the care provider. The AMA says “it could pose a significant financial risk for medical practices.”

Add to this well-founded concern that it is not uncommon for doctors’ offices to call the insurer to confirm coverage, receive that verbal verification, only to have the claim denied because the individual was no longer employed and, therefore, no longer covered.

Given the chaos that has surrounded federal exchange, the 90-day grace period vs. the 30-day payment period, and past performance, Texas physicians should beware of verification of coverage.

Yet another ObamaCare failure in the making.