Congress’ latest attempt to frighten the American public into handing over more tax dollars will be hotly debated by the Senate later this week. Hiding behind the veil of global warming, the America’s Climate Security Act will cost American taxpayers $1 trillion in new taxes over the next 10 years, raise gas prices between $0.41 to $1.00 per gallon over the next 20 years, and cause manufacturing output to decline by 9.5%. Make no mistake about it – this bill is the single greatest assault on American pocketbooks. Ever.

Moving away from the debate over the existence of global warming, the economic consequences of ratifying this bill would result in American economic growth vanishing. Unable to cope with the ridiculous tax burden, American manufacturing and industrial businesses are virtually guaranteed to move overseas causing many workers to lose their jobs. Higher energy and fuel costs will cause everything from the price of eggs to gas to rise. And the bill will create a huge new federal bureaucracy that will grow government at taxpayer expense for generations to come.

New taxes, higher energy prices, rising unemployment, and a new bureaucracy won’t help this nation address any of the world’s challenges. Proponents of the bill argue that America needs to lead by example and I couldn’t agree more. Get the bureaucrats out of the way and let American creativity and ingenuity light the way forward.

– James Quintero