If you believe that the free market is better than a government-run economy, that increased competition rather than increased regulations provides for a better economy, that small businesses benefit from small government, then you are not alone. In fact, new poll results show that you are actually the mainstream.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 75 percent of likely voters indicated that they preferred a free market economy to one run by the government. Just 14 percent of those polled favored a government-controlled economy.

When asked whether increased competition or more regulations was the better choice for creating a sound economy, 58 percent of all voters indicated that they favored increased competition. Thirty-four percent of respondents preferred more regulations.

And finally, in response to the question “Who is hurt more by government regulations-big businesses or small businesses?”, 71 percent of those polled said that “government regulations hurts small businesses more than big businesses,” while just 14 percent believed the opposite.

In a choice between the two-free market versus government-it appears that Americans overwhelmingly favor the former to the latter.

– James Quintero