Christian Cochran currently serves as Florida State Director for the Foundation’s Right On Crime initiative. Cochran’s policy and legislation experience came through a unique path, first serving as a Deputy Sheriff in the Florida panhandle and a Reservist in the United States Army Reserve. Cochran had his initial experience with legislation and policy as a two-year fellowship Wounded Warrior Fellow through the United States House of Representatives. This allowed him to spend time helping active-duty military and veterans. He then served as the Deputy Legislative Affairs Director for the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs. Before coming to Right on Crime, Cochran was Government Relations Manager for the Florida Court Clerks and Comptrollers. Outside of his role, Cochran continues to serve as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in Florida.

Cochran graduated from The Citadel Graduate College with an MBA, Liberty University with a M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration: Public Administration and a B.S. from Columbia Southern University in Criminal Justice Administration. He currently lives in Crawfordville, Florida, with his wife, Laura and daughter, Liberty Rose.