Brent Bennett, Ph.D., is a policy analyst for Life: Powered, an initiative of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, one of the nation’s premier free-market think tanks, to reframe the national debate on energy policy. The project will promote sound energy policy based on free-market principles and the development of reliable, abundant, affordable energy resources to advance the human condition.

Brent hails from Midland, Texas, the heart of the oil patch, and received his Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin. He performed research in the area of utility-scale energy storage and complemented his background in the oil and gas business with his studies of advanced energy technologies, renewable energy, and utility markets. His experience across many areas of the energy business and his love of the Foundation’s free-market, pragmatic principles have led him to join the Foundation’s efforts to advance better energy policy in Texas and around the country.

Brent and his wife Erin live in downtown Austin, where they love trying out the many great restaurants and being active leaders in the Catholic community. Despite Brent’s appreciation for the internal combustion engine, he thoroughly enjoys his leisurely 10-minute bike ride to and from the office every day.