Syd Lucas is the former Communications Manager for Life:Powered, a national initiative at the Texas Public Policy Foundation to raise America’s energy IQ. 

Prior to joining Life:Powered, Syd worked as the legal assistant for the Center for the American Future, TPPF’s litigation arm, where she partnered with attorneys and clients to develop communications strategies and opinion editorials about current cases. She cares most about telling the story of America’s exceptional environmental leadership and our economic prosperity, two things that go hand-in-hand. An avid traveler, Syd has seen first-hand the devastating effects of energy poverty at home and abroad and believes in Life:Powered’s mission to make the connection of affordable and reliable energy to human flourishing. 

Syd graduated from Baylor with a BA in Great Texts of the Western Tradition and wrote a thesis as a student in the Honors College. She lives in Austin with her husband.