Haley Kyles, a proud 7th generation Texan, has woven the Lone Star State into the fabric of her identity. With deep-rooted passion and commitment, she endeavors to preserve the essence of the Texas she grew up in, ensuring that the legacy she inherited is passed down intact to her future generations.

Professionally, Haley stands at the forefront of the digital frontier, making significant strides in the field of cybersecurity. Based in the vibrant Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area, she dedicates her expertise to safeguarding some of the largest companies in the region. Haley’s work not only reflects her technical acumen but also embodies her commitment to protecting the economic heartbeat of Texas.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Haley carves out precious moments in her limited free time to indulge in her favorite activities. A golf enthusiast, she finds solace and joy on the greens, navigating the challenges of the course with finesse. Sand volleyball is another arena where Haley unleashes her competitive spirit, finding camaraderie and fun in the spirited game.

At the core of Haley’s heart is her beloved German Shepherd, Kohen, a loyal companion who adds warmth and joy to her life. Together, they explore the beauty of Texas, from its sprawling landscapes to its hidden gems.