Dr. Deane Waldman MD MBA is a retired pediatric cardiologist and system theorist analyst for American health care. He brings 37 years of clinical experience plus the business and administrative experience as Chief of Pediatric Cardiology at University of Chicago to Texas Public Policy Foundation as Distinguished Senior Fellow in Health Care Policy. He is also the Consumer Advocate member on the Board of Directors of the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange.

His background and academic training include Yale, Chicago Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Northwestern, Harvard and Anderson Management Schools. He has authored over 150 academic medical publications and more than 250 lay articles on both management and strategy in healthcare. “Dr. Deane,” as he is commonly known, has authored a new book, Curing the Cancer in U.S. Healthcare: *StatesCare* and the Texas Model, which proves that healthcare decision making belongs with the people in their states, not top-down from Washington. The book also details how a market-based system in Texas could work well.

Dr. Deane is an avid competitive—velodrome only, please—cyclist. He has raced at the Nationals twice and admits that the only medal he won was for showing up. He admits, “I was the oldest.”