Now Seeking Applications For

Texas Public Policy Foundation Clerkship Program

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is in search of world-class legal clerkship candidates prepared to push the boundaries of liberty litigation in gaining valuable experience working in the Foundation’s litigation Center for the American Future.  The Center exists as the Foundation’s litigation arm and seeks to further its mission in advancing Tenth Amendment principles through judicial opposition to government overreach and abuse in the subject matter areas of environmental, private property, and business autonomy rights.

Before you apply, visit our award-winning website and then Google the Foundation.  Read the best and the worst of our reviews, and if you:

  • Are interested in learning the principles of the economic greats like Hayek and Locke;
  • Believe in the individual right to do business free from big government;
  • Can exemplify personal responsibility and the entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Want to contribute to the incredible impact of our Foundation – then APPLY NOW.

Our Foundation provides the opportunity to work with some of the best liberty litigators in the country who are seeking to win “change the world” cases that will reverse the past century of jurisprudence that have slowly eroded our constitutional rights. Center efforts impact not just Texas but the entire country.  Staff members and invited guests share their time, knowledge, and experience with each clerkship class through a series of discussions that illustrate the range of ways that policy changes the world.  All of our clerks leave our Foundation with a solid understanding of all the work we do in furtherance of liberty.

Successful Law Clerks

Our clerkship class is generally current law students and recent graduates who are flexible, project-oriented self-starters and can work with a wide range of leadership types.  Our clerks take on projects unique to the Foundation based on their individual skills and experiences, in addition to the scope covered by their clerkship.  The most successful applicants are open-minded and hardworking, with good research, writing, and interpersonal skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply mission-centered common sense to a daily routine – that isn’t. Successful clerks at the Foundation understand our principles of Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and Free Enterprise, and are excited to see first-hand the unique constraints faced by a non-profit in our efforts to reshape public policy in Texas and around the world.

How to Apply

Complete applications should have a cover letter, including why you would be interested in our program, along with a short bio, the semester or summer you are able to intern in, your resume and a writing sample.  Submit your application as a single PDF file via email to:

Munera Al-Fuhaid, Center for the American Future – [email protected]


Law clerks will be assigned to the Foundation’s litigation center and work directly with its Director and staff attorneys.   They will attend staff meetings, meet policymakers and engage in developing and cutting-edge litigation advancing the Foundation’s principles.  Our law clerks will also gain real world experience working on active litigation matters, appellate briefs, and amicus papers individually or in collaboration with our team, based on their individual talents and the needs of the Foundation.  Law clerks work closely with the Foundation’s litigation attorneys, polishing practical legal skills.  


Full time and part time law clerks will be paid a stipend upon completion of their clerkship.  Or, if your law school permits, we’re happy to work with you to earn academic credit instead for your work at the Foundation.