Some great news from our friends at Montana’s Frontier Institute! The Montana Legislature has passed a bill to permanently authorize Direct Primary Care (also called Direct Patient Care) in the state.

Texas passed similar legislation several sessions ago, allowing doctors to contract with patients to provide regular medical care for a set monthly fee. It bypasses insurance and other middlemen. Patients and providers are given the opportunity to develop a stronger relationship in these arrangements, which can improve patient health in the long term.

Here’s their news:

The Frontier Institute is celebrating today because the Senate has officially sent SB 101 to the Governor’s desk, which we expect him to sign very soon. 

 SB 101 draws from recommendations in our Montana Recovery Agenda to permanently authorize Direct Patient Care (DPC) in Montana. The bill sponsor sought Frontier Institute’s help directly in drafting SB 101 and when considering any amendments.

 SB 101 protects medical entrepreneurs from being regulated as insurance companies simply for offering DPC memberships to their patients. It also allows DPC to be used by all sorts of medical providers, not just primary care.

 When signed, SB 101 will be the nation’s most expansive authorization of DPC to date, making Montana a leader in affordable healthcare options. We anticipate this bill opening the door for many more employers and patients across the state to benefit from DPC. 

 Our hard work and education has paid off, and the Montana legislature is delivering a serious healthcare reform.