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While most of us think of the southern border crisis is the cause of a desperate people doing whatever it takes to escape where they’re from, there is perhaps a more serious – and deliberate – threat that doesn’t get enough coverage by the media.

My colleague Ammon Blair was recently in Washington warning Congressmen of the weaponization of mass migration, a form of hybrid warfare that literally kills Americans, but also undermines our sovereignty and security. He calls it the biggest national security failure since 9-11.

“The Mexican cartels are foreign terrorist organizations, and have extended their nefarious operations beyond the border, infiltrating every major city and many towns across Texas,” he told them. “The threats we face are not isolated; they are intricately linked to global adversaries, including state actors like China, Russia, and Iran, and non-state entities such as Hezbollah, Hamas, MS-13, and Tren de Aragua.”

Blair says the cartels have essentially opened a “silk road” for our enemies that spans from Mexico, across the border, and into every town in America.

China is particularly adept at using the networks built by the cartels. According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the number of Chinese illegal aliens has exploded from 500 in 2021 to more than 10,000 since 2022.

China not only uses the cartel network to export the precursor chemicals for fentanyl, which were linked recently to nine deaths and 27 overdoses in a three day period in Austin, but uses its migrants to set up covert “police stations” in major U.S. cities.  The stations are used to silence China’s critics, and have also been connected to cyberattacks, espionage, and disinformation campaigns.

Blair says urgent action is needed. “We need to recognize the multifaceted and interconnected nature of the threats we face and devise a comprehensive and coordinated strategy to counter them. We need to allocate sufficient and appropriate resources to secure our border, protect our citizens, and uphold our laws.”

“We cannot let our border crisis become our national downfall.”