The city of San Antonio plans to annex as many as 200,000 Texans; but there’s bubbling discontent over the planned annexations and some of the city’s own data may help explain why.

According to the city’s Department of Planning and Community Development, the annual tax bill for a home appraised at $113,800 is expected to grow from $2,342.35 to $2,859.69 simply as a result of being absorbed into the city limits. That’s a tax increase of more than 22 percent! Worst of all, it’s going to be levied on people who have absolutely no say in the process.

To be fair, other fees could potentially see some small measure of decline; but there’s no denying that a sizable tax increase awaits those people who—whether they like it or not—are set to become San Antonio taxpayers. 

Source: City of San Antonio