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Dear lawmaker,

Free and fair elections are the foundation of our great country. If we cannot hold elections and trust their outcomes, then our state and nation are destined to fail. We cannot have another election where local officials change the rules in the middle of an election or brazenly violate state laws.

This can be done with a few important policies:

• Verify that only eligible voters can register and require regular audits of voter lists to ensure they only include eligible voters.
• Make vote-by-mail only available to citizens that are elderly, disabled, away from their primary residence for work or school, or serving in the military.
• Require the Secretary of State to approve all changes to elections, such as the method of collecting and counting votes. And allow the Secretary of State to remove any election officials that participate in any efforts to defraud the election.
• Standardize voter ID requirements by implementing identification measures to vote by mail.

It’s important that we don’t make voting hard or easy, rather, we should focus on making voting secure. By restoring trust in our election system with these critical policies, we can ensure Texas leads the nation on holding secure elections.

I encourage you to support critical election integrity measures!


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