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Dear lawmaker,

Not long-ago Texas experienced what happens when bad policy meets a once in a few decades weather phenomenon. The results were devastating. Years of bad policy in the form of subsidies and prioritizing unreliable (renewable) energy set Texas up for failure. This absolutely cannot happen again.

When Texans needed reliable energy most, unreliable energy produced a measly 646 megawatts, well short of the amount needed. This could have been prevented had federal and state subsidies not been directed to build out unreliable infrastructure rather than reliable (clean coal, natural gas, nuclear, etc.) energy infrastructure. These subsidies deliberately distort the market and have left Texans in the dark.

On top of this, Texas continues to do businesses with companies that engage in energy discrimination. This process forces businesses to divest in oil and gas companies, which has a huge impact on the Texas economy and energy infrastructure. Again, this prioritizes unreliable energy over reliable energy.

I encourage you to allow the market to determine the best, most reliable source of energy for Texans.


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