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TPPF statement on appointment of Michael Williams as Texas Education Commissioner
by JAMES GOLSAN  |  Aug 27, 2012  |  PRESS RELEASE

"Texas is in the midst of a transformation that will fundamentally change how we approach public education. School districts are becoming more efficient in their use of taxpayer dollars; the Texas Supreme Court may soon help them become even more so. Virtual and blended education is enabling higher quality education of more students at less cost. In addition, parents are witnessing dramatic gains in school choice across the nation, and support for parental school choice continues to grow in Texas.

"Michael Williams is the right person to help lead the transformation of Texas public education. His proven track record of public service, his support for educational choice, and his commitment to looking out for the interests of taxpayers makes him well qualified for promoting positive change in public education. We look forward to working with our former board member in his efforts to improve education in Texas."

James Golsan is an education policy analyst for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

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