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Rollins Appointed to Appraisal Task Force
by BROOKE L. ROLLINS  |  Aug 21, 2006  |  PRESS RELEASE

AUSTIN -- Governor Rick Perry today announced the Texas Task Force on Appraisal Reform, which will include Texas Public Policy Foundation president Brooke Rollins.

Perry said in announcing the task force in Dallas that its purpose is to study and make recommendations on how to address Texans' continuing concerns over skyrocketing property appraisals. The recently-concluded special session on school finance included buy-down of local school property taxes using state funds. Perry said, "Now we need to address the rest of that equation: the silent tax hikes of rising appraisals."

In accepting her appointment to the 15-member task force, Rollins said she was honored to serve the state in this capacity.

"The governor has given us an open field on which to explore ways to address rising appraisals," she said. "He has asked us to explore as many options as possible with a single priority in mind: protect the taxpayer while ensuring key functions are funded."

Also appointed to the task force is one of the Foundation's board members, Michael S. Stevens of Houston.

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