We will be live streaming ALL the panels and keynote addresses at Policy Orientation 2020.

Friday, January 24


Zlotnik Ballroom:Keynote Breakfast Speech by Alice Johnson followed by Conversation Between Brooke Rollins and Kevin Roberts


Salon 1: Restoring the Rule of Law with the EPA’s Affordable Clean Energy (“ACE”) Rule

Salon 5: South Texas is Texas Too: Bringing South-Texas Priorities to Austin and D.C

Salon 6: Districts Are Getting More Money for Education—Now What?

11:00AM- 12:15PM 

Salon 1: Using Your Money Against You: The Unacceptable Practice of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Salon 5: One in, Two Out: A Formula for Eliminating Ineffective, Unnecessary State Regulations

Salon 6: Small Government, Big Solutions: Opportunities to Advance African American Communities

12:30PM – 1:45PM 

Zlotnik Ballroom: Closing Keynote Luncheon with The Hon. Jason Chaffetz

Zlotnik Ballroom:

Salon 1:

Salon 5:

Salon 6: