Deep in their hearts—that’s where Texans keep their love for the Lone Star State. Whether native-born or newly arrived, Texans are proud of their state and want to keep it the nation’s—and the world’s—beacon of freedom and opportunity.

Texans believe that place matters—and it matters to be here, where the cost of living is reasonable and jobs are plentiful. 

There’s a reason the Biden administration and those on the left attack Texas. Our state demonstrates each and every day that our values, our persistence and our principles lead to success and prosperity for more people.

The goal of the Keep Texas Texan campaign is to make sure every Texan understands that this place we call Texas did not get this way by accident.

It starts with the story of our founding: the fight for Texas independence, the courage of the Alamo’s defenders and the great victory at San Jacinto, as well as other watershed moments—the discovery of oil at Spindletop, the establishment of NASA, the Dallas economic miracle, the rebuilding of Houston after Hurricane Harvey, San Antonio’s 300th anniversary—whole Texas story.  

But Texans of our own generation have also made decisions to Keep Texas Texan, by choosing to elect leaders who are committed to keeping taxes low, regulations reasonable and our courts fair, honest and free of frivolous lawsuits.

Yet in this cynical age, our success is met with derision from many in the media, in the popular culture and even in the halls of our government. Keep Texas Texan is a concerted communications campaign against that effort. We are committed to mounting a vigorous defense of the land that we love.

Legislatively, we are developing comprehensive strategies for identifying and maintaining the monuments and historical sites in our state that tell both the good and bad of our history. We must preserve all of Texas, and counter those forces that would erase our history, our borders and our uniqueness.