What We Stand For

Prohibit taxpayer money from funding lobbyists. 

Local governments pay high-priced lobbyists to advocate for higher taxes, more spending, and greater regulatory authority. It’s wrong to ask taxpayers to fund lobbying activities that go against their interests and it needs to stop.

Reform corporate welfare. 

Local economic development policies lead to corporate welfare and cronyism, and put government in the position of picking winners and losers. This model of economic development is flawed and changes are needed to move Texas in a more free-market direction.

Reform local-government authority under a disaster declaration. 

Over the past year, local government officials have created a host of new rules and regulations using special emergency powers. Some of these regulations, like social distancing guidelines, have ostensibly advanced a meaningful public health objective, but others have been gratuitous and even unlawful. Major changes are needed to better balance constitutional rights with emergency powers.

Make the foster care system more responsive to the needs of children.

Local communities, not a centralized bureaucracy, are better able to meet the needs of vulnerable children and families. Texas should expand opportunities for local private and non-profit charities to care for and manage the cases of children in foster care.

Protect and strengthen families.

Strong families are the foundation of a prosperous society. Reform laws governing child protective services to prevent unnecessary separations of children from their families and improve how Texas responds to abuse and neglect allegations.