As an organization imbued with the Texas spirit, the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) ardently defends individual liberty and public safety. More than ever before, these principles came under attack in 2020 and will undoubtedly be further challenged in 2021, between widespread public opposition to the police and policymakers targeting our constitutional right to bear arms. True to our mission, TPPF established the Citizen’s Defense Campaign (CDC) to apply conservative principles to the protection of good policing and the Second Amendment— goals which align unequivocally with Americans’ right to safety and self-defense. Our national communications apparatus, broad research capabilities, experienced staff working around the country, and extensive history of achieving bipartisan reform will enable TPPF to lead our country toward this vision: That the rule of law serves to protect and defend all Americans from harm to their persons, their effects, and their communities.

The CDC’s policy experts are actively monitoring policy related to firearms that will undoubtedly attract attention this year. We will continue to educate policymakers and partner organizations about the importance of data-driven policies and commonsense reforms. Our foundational principles include:

  • Resisting all efforts to further diminish the Second Amendment rights of lawful gun owners.
  • Resisting all efforts to establish a public or de facto registry of firearm owners.
  • Reducing and eliminating barriers for law-abiding Texans to carry weapons and defend themselves outside of their homes.
  • Ensuring government resources are appropriately spent on initiatives proven to reduce gun violence that do not trouble law-abiding firearm owners.
  • Supporting laws that empower law enforcement and prosecutors to pursue focused deterrence strategies targeting organized, violent crime.
  • Continuing to pursue improved training methods to make our police officers more competent and confident.