To ensure the flourishing of Texans during the next quarter-century, we must work now for
bold policy programs and reforms that embody the Texas ideal.


Life: Powered will ensure that Americans continue to benefit from abundant, reliable, safe, and clean energy. It is the essential building block that touches all our lives and influences everything from the world economy to the kitchen table. Energy powers life. From living longer, reducing poverty and improving our quality of life, the advancement of the human condition has coincided with our willingness to harness the benefits of abundant, reliable and affordable energy resources.

Right On Work

There’s a dignity that comes with an honest day’s work for a good paycheck. So, why aren’t we working harder to enable willing workers to learn the skills they need for the high-paying skilled labor jobs that are going unfilled? The payoff — both for the economy and for families — would be enormous. Right on Work aims to build a coalition of companies, organizations, and individuals working together to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce through career and technical education opportunities, innovative and targeted workforce programs, and reforms to ineffective and burdensome employment regulations.

Booker T. Washington Initiative

In the spirit of Booker T. Washington, one of America's great activists for education, entrepreneurship, and self-reliance, this project uses detailed data analysis to uncover what really causes prosperity and its opposite: poverty. The Texas Public Policy Foundation proposes to redefine the debate on poverty, wellbeing, and opportunity, debunking the idea that taxation, government programs, and invasive policy solutions can truly help our nation's poor to escape their burdens.

Unlock Higher Ed

SeeThruEdu champions the case for collegiate civic education, because higher education must be more than job training. It must also instruct students in the political, moral, and philosophic foundations of the democratic republic in which they find themselves and of which they shall in time become the leaders. In accord with this, we share Jefferson’s conviction that any nation that expects to be both “ignorant and free … expects what never was and never will be.”

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