77% of Texans agree that the Texas Legislature should eliminate handouts to big business for renewable energy that drive up electricity bills and reduce the reliability of the electric grid. They also threaten local wildlife and ecotourism. Tell your state representative to end subsidies for renewable energy now!

Speaker Dennis Bonnen
512-463-0564 | dennis.bonnen@house.texas.gov

Speaker Dennis Bonnen


Here are the facts:

  • Wind turbines are the “most threatening form of green energy,” killing between 140,000 and 328,000 birds in North America each year according to Audubon.
  • Texas subsidies for renewable energy projects have totaled more than $18 billion since 2005.
  • Local Chapter 312 and 313 tax abatement deals cost property tax payers about $1 billion a year; about $270 million of that goes to renewable generators.
  • Wind and solar farms create few jobs yet receive millions of dollars of subsidies and tax breaks anyway.
  • The Texas Public Utility Commission just this week decided to increase Texans’ electricity bills by as much as $1 billion a year to increase generator profits to make up for the harmful effects of renewable energy.

For more information and for the latest research on why renewable energy subsidies are a bad deal for Texas, visit our website, texaspolicy.com/renewables.