Shae Cali is a senior fellow with Safe Streets & Second Chances, whose policy initiative is housed at the Right on Crime at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Shae Cali has worked closely on criminal justice reform and behavioral health services for over a decade.  In 2014, Shae helped build the New Jersey Reentry Corporation to implement effective, innovative, and humane evidence-based reentry services across nine counties. As Clinical Director, Shae oversaw the execution and planning of direct services and service linkages. Following this endeavor, she was able to join Safe Streets and Second Chances to provide her expertise and continue her work with her colleague John Koufos, with whom she has worked on reentry initiatives for the last five years after beginning as volunteers in New Jersey. She also has experience with NIH-funded studies on health-seeking behaviors in men and women returning from periods of incarceration, as well as working with the Prison Visiting Project at the Correctional Association. She is honored and privileged to have worked with such diverse stakeholders to promote effective reform and programming over her career.

Shae holds a bachelor’s degree in Religion from Barnard College of Columbia University (BA), where she graduated summa cum laude, and Master’s degrees in Social Work (MSSW) and Public Health (MPH) obtained at Columbia University, where she helped mobilize graduate students around the intersection between public health and the criminal justice system. In addition to her longstanding work with health and criminal justice, she has an strong interest in the human-animal connection and its ability to restore dignity and trust to those impacted by trauma and illness. She is also a certified yoga/meditation instructor with a passion for the great outdoors.