Carine Martinez is the senior managing editor and a senior policy analyst for the Foundation.

As part of the research team, she oversees and manages the publication schedules for all the Foundation’s policy areas and is responsible for editing research publications.

As a policy analyst, Martinez focuses on the effects on taxpayers and consumers of government programs that grant special privileges to certain businesses in the form of subsidies, tax credits, regulatory advantages, or other favors.

Martinez is the co-editor of the Foundation’s Policymaker’s Guide to Corporate Welfare and is the author of several research publications, notably on film incentives, the hotel occupancy tax, and the three-tier system of alcohol distribution. She testified on these issues before the Texas Legislature during its 85th and 86th regular sessions. She has been published in several newspapers including the Austin American-Statesman, The Hill, and Forbes.

Other areas of research she has worked on include capitalism, business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and economic freedom in general.

Martinez began working in public policy as a policy intern at the Foundation, subsequently working as a policy analyst for Texas Action during the 84th Legislature. She also spent a year in Washington, D.C., as a research associate for the Charles Koch Institute.

Martinez holds a bachelor’s degree in international business administration (completed in English, French, and Spanish) and a master’s degree in American studies from the Sorbonne in Paris, France.

Martinez is originally from Paris, France, but happily moved to the United States in 2011 and finally moved from New York to Texas in 2013. She fulfilled her dream to become an American citizen in 2019.