Andrew is a Policy Analyst with Right on Crime.  After graduating from Fordham Law, Andrew clerked in Superior Court New Jersey Criminal Division, where he witnessed first-hand many of the shortcomings of the justice system that Right on Crime seeks to address. Andrew spent several years litigating high stakes commercial cases for both plaintiffs and defendants in fast-paced New York City, before returning to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. There, he returned to SMU and completed a biology major to add to his political science degree. He utilized his knowledge of such diverse fields to effectively advocate for clients whose issues ranged from bankruptcy (Chapters 7 and 11) to pharmaceuticals and other health care/product liability and commercial litigation.  This combination of legal experience and broad academic background allows Andrew to bring well-rounded perspectives and capabilities to bear on the critical and often complex challenges present in criminal justice reform.  Andrew is fluent in Farsi (Persian).

In his free time, Andrew enjoys hiking, bicycling, and playing tennis.