The Texas Public Policy Foundation is seeking a dynamic individual who will helm our Right on Immigration effort. This person must be a high-powered self-starter, capable of envisioning and enacting innovative solutions to challenges ranging from immigration policy, to the effects of Texas demographic change upon policymaking, and beyond. 

The Vice President will be entrusted with the development and advancement of immigration-policy solutions, proceeding first in the interest of Texas, at both the state and federal levels. He or she must seek and craft immigration policy that empowers the states in new ways, breaks the broken status quo at the federal level, and above all else, is politically practicable. In this role, the Vice President of Right on Immigration will liaise directly with national and local media, citizens’ groups, top-level policymakers and officeholders. A high degree of personal equanimity and resilience will be required, coupled with a keen sense of the possible. Extensive experience in, and awareness of, the current immigration system and its surrounding politics is desired. 


  • Developing and implementing Right on Immigrations goals and research agenda 
  • Conducting and supervising high-quality research. 
  • He or she will be expected to liaise frequently with major media outlets, both statewide and national, on the initiative’s issues. 
  • Additionally, the candidate will be expected to formulate policy recommendations for officeholders, especially in the Texas state legislature, and work with those officeholders to see them through. 
  • Organizing various policy events/activities designed to educate policymakers, stakeholders, the media, and the general public 
  • Effectively communicating the Foundation’s policy recommendations to key stakeholders, including legislators, their staff and the media 


The Vice President of Right on Immigration must someone with a firm grasp of the landscape and possibilities in immigration policymaking — and also a willingness to push its boundaries with innovative thinking and a sense of the best interests of Texas. He or she must have the following qualities: 

  • A self-starter. This position is a leadership position, with minimal daily oversight and exceedingly high expectations. The person leading this fight must be willing and able to conceive and develop innovative ideas independently and bring them to fruition. 
  • A media presence. Policy begins with persuasion, and in a sphere like this, the VP of this initiative must possess a presence with the credibility and appeal to explain and defend them. 
  • A writer. This VP must possess an aptitude for graceful prose that conveys complicated concepts convincingly 
  • An expert. The VP of Right on Immigration must bring to a table substantive experience in policymaking, legislation, law, and/or media — and a proven record of accomplishment. 
  • A leader. The VP must be willing to work with tact and persuasion to assemble a coalition of activists, thinkers, and citizens in Texas and across the country to forge a vision for immigration reform at the national and state levels. 

Please send cover letter, references, resume, salary range and a writing sample to: Gina Van Dyke, Human Resources Manager, Texas Public Policy Foundation,

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, non-partisan research institute offering competitive salaries and benefits to qualified candidates. While we thank all applicants their interest in this position, we are only able to contact those to whom we can offer an interview.  No phone calls, please.