Recruiting Conservative talent can sometimes be a challenge, which is why the Texas Public Policy Foundation is now offering to share general application resumes with coalition partners.

This resume-sharing program is designed to encourage Conservative applicants interested in policy, communications, development, operations, and more, who may not know how to get involved, to join the movement. TPPF will then send out a regular email containing the applications and resumes of the individuals who’ve submitted a general application within the last 30 days to our coalition partners who are in search of new talent.

If your organization wishes to be a recipient of the resume-sharing program, fill out the form below and get one step closer to finding the next member of your team.

TPPF does not endorse any of these candidates unless otherwise specified. The resume bank is open to employers free of charge and is not a recruitment service. Employers should expect to vet candidates through their own processes.

To apply as an organization, please click the button below:


If you have any questions regarding the employer application process, please reach out to our Talent & Culture Director, Zach McCue at [email protected].

Candidates interested in entering their resumes into the sharing program should apply via our General Application found here.