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The Texas Public Policy Foundation in national media today


AUSTIN – The Texas Public Policy Foundation is proud to have two of its distinguished scholars cited in national media today.

 Dr. Thomas Lindsay, Director of the Center for Higher Education, is cited in a New York Timesopinion piece (at by American Enterprise Institute president Arthur Brooks; and Marc Levin, Director of the Center for Effective Justice and the national Right on Crime initiative, is quoted in a Reuters opinion piece (at by Americans for Tax Reform president Grover Norquist and Patrick Gleason, Director of State Affairs.

Dr. Lindsay's research and advocacy on the $10,000 bachelor's degree (at is mentioned favorably by Dr. Brooks, and Mr. Levin is quoted by Mr. Norquist on Texas's achievements in criminal-justice reform.

"The presence of our scholars and intellectual leaders in the New York Times and Reuters aptly highlights the extraordinary work they do," said Foundation president and CEO Brooke Rollins, "And it highlights something else, too: that the big debates, and the big solutions, are increasingly held and crafted not in Washington, D.C., or even New York City -- but right here in Texas. It is impossible, in 2013, to address the challenges facing our nation without looking to the Lone Star State for its ideas -- and that's a good thing."

Brooke L. Rollins is President and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation.


The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit, free-market research institute based in Austin.