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CNBC ranks Texas as America's Top State for Business 2012


“CNBC’s declaration of Texas as America's Top State for Business in 2012 – and for the third time in five years – validates the general policy direction of our state. More tellingly, Texas was ranked in the top 10 states in six of the 10 categories, including oft-maligned areas such as workforce quality and infrastructure. Free markets and limited government provide a framework for people to achieve their dreams, and that is why both businesses and job-seekers continue to migrate here.

“However, CNBC also identified areas where improvement is needed. Texas could bolster its educational quality by promoting competition in K-12 education through reforms such as home-rule school districts and greater use of innovations such as blended learning; and continuing to pursue transparency, accountability, and affordability in higher education. Legislators should also heed the below-average rating in ‘cost of doing business’ and take action to reduce the burden of the business margins tax.”

The Honorable Chuck DeVore is a former California Assemblyman and Senior Fellow for Fiscal Policy at the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

The Texas Public Policy Foundation is a non-profit free-market research institute based in Austin.

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